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sasuhina_rr's Journal

The SasuHina Round Robin Nest
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A Round Robin community for SasuHina authors and fans.
This community was created on a whim from a simple idea posted in the SasuHina fanclub on Narutoforums. From there the idea snowballed until the concept of a round robin community centered on the pairing of Sasuke and Hinata blossomed.

In this community we hope to have several fanfiction authors come together to make entertaining fanfiction as well as learn from each other, shoot the breeze, and enjoy the pairing we're writing about.

Rule One: Always be respectful and considerate. Be it for other posters, the pairing, or even yourself it is epected that you play nice and share your toys. Critique is okay but the main point of this group is to have fun. If you want to give a fellow poster helpful comments and/or suggestions feel free but go about it politely. No bashing or flaming, please.

Rule Two: The main body of this community will be entries for the round robins. Suggestions for themes and ideas are to be posted in The Suggestion Box as comments. Any regular chatting is limited to The Chillaxin' Corner post as comments.

Rule Three: If your entry has any adult concepts that require a warning such as sexual situations or extreme violence please add a warning as well as the appropriate rating. It's nice to know what you're in for instead of going in blind.

Any further neccessary rules will be added as they come to attention but for now those three should cover it. If you break a rule you will get three warnings before getting thrown out depending on the severity of the crime. We aren't without compassion but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still behave. Also, any offensive comments will be deleted by moderators without mercy.

We hope to have a fun and friendly environment here with all sorts of interesting stories created by the uniting of creative minds. Only one story will unfold at a time to avoid confusion and the order of who writes what chapter will be left to the whims of an internet randomizer. Be prepared at any moment to have to write the first chapter, the last chapter, or any chapter between.

Everyone is encouraged to be creative and clever. As a group we hope to create some truly memorable fanfiction and at the same time come together as fans. Make friends, write fanfiction, and have fun!